En el blog IDC Exchange trobareu el vídeo de la conferència que el Dr. Klaus Töpfer va pronunciar a Berlín el passat mes de setembre davant d’una audiència d’empresaris d’alt nivell sobre la necessitat econòmica d’una “Tecnologia de la Informació verda“.

Dr. Töpfer’s key message was that – in the near future – prosperity (and peace) will require economic development of the heavily populated and economically underdeveloped countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, and that the huge scale of this goal will require much more energy- and material-efficient resourcing – i.e., “green” approaches. Therefore, he says, “Green IT” (and “green”, overall) is not just about the environment: “it is much more – it is economically necessary”.

Klaus Töpfer: Green IT – Fashion or Challenge?